Media Council asks for clarification after CoE criticism

In response to a statement from the Council of Europe criticizing the appointment procedures of Hungary’s Media Council for failing to meet European standards, Media Council spokeswoman Karola Kiricsi sent a letter to Daniel Holtgen, the spokesperson of the Council of Europe’s Secretary General, asking for guidance.

“The Hungarian Authority respects the opinion of the European Council, but asks the body to indicate clearly and directly which member state`s practice on the election of media authority it considers as a European standard,” Kiricsi wrote.

The Médiajogfigyelő (Media Law Monitor) criticized Kiricsi, saying that the letter is filled with feigned naiveté and that it indicates a flippant approach by the Hungarian Media Council toward the Council of Europe. The Médiajogfigyelő blog also criticized what it said was the highly anti-democratic election procedure of both the Media Council and Media Authority’s members.