Strikes considered as MTVA plans more public-media layoffs

Public media staff are considering a strike by early January after the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), the body that manages state-owned media, fails to reach an agreement with unions over coming layoffs, according to reports.

Public media workers have organized a strike committee, which is set to hold its first official meeting on December 28.

The third wave of public media dismissals, which began December 14, is expected to mostly involve program makers and workers aged 50 or more, according to sources. There are about 250 people on the current dismissal list – most cuts will be made at the Hungarian TV and radio.

As this blog reported earlier, as many as 900 public media workers were laid off in two waves of firings, in the summer and fall of 2011 as part of a large-scale downsizing of Hungary’s public media that was initiated just following the passage of the 2010 media laws.

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