Media Council investigates public TV station on charge of violating content regulations for minors

The Media Council has launched a public proceeding against public TV station M1 to determine whether it violated rules protecting minors from viewing violent or sexually explicit content, HVG reports. According to the Media Council, the station’s Camelot program contains sexually explicit and violent material that warrants a stricter “over 16 year old” rating, which would mean the program could only be aired after 11 p.m. The series, which is currently rated as “not recommended for under 12,” initially aired after 9 p.m., and then was reportedly re-aired the next day in the early afternoon, in violation of the 2010 Media Act, which specifies that programs with this rating can only be aired between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. (see Articles 9 – 11, of the Mttv). 

Gábor Polyák, director of Standards Media Monitor (Mérték Médiaelemző Műhely) tells HVG that the Media Council’s punishment for the station will likely be minor, given that station has had no prior breaches against these rules and that no children were likely hurt by the program’s content.

The Council has been tougher in sanctioning commercial TV stations for such violations, according to HVG. In November and December 2011, the Media Council fined RTL Klub a total of HUF 144 million (EUR 490,000) for several breaches to child protection rules for content aired in the fourth season of reality TV program Való Világ (Real World).