The Center for Media and Communications Studies (CMCS) is a research center of Central European University in Budapest dedicated to advancing media and communications scholarship and the democratic potential of the media.

The CMCS produces scholarly and practice-oriented research addressing academic, policy and civil society needs. CMCS research and activities address media and communication policy and the democratic potential of the media, civil society and participation, fundamental communication and informational rights, and the complexities of media and communication in transition.

The CMCS is a key resource for data and information on the 2010 Hungarian media legislation. Our work in this area includes “Hungarian Media Laws in Europe: An Assessment of the Consistency of Hungary’s Media Laws with European Practices and Norms,” a comparative examination of key elements of the Hungarian legislation across 20 EU-member and European states; an Interactive Timeline and Overview of Key Resources, as well as a comprehensive online archive with links to the legislation, government statements, reports by intergovermental bodies and international NGOs, and news reports.

Contact the CMCS: Tel. (36-1) 327-3000 2607; E-mail: cmcs AT