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Title: The decline of democracy – the rise of dictatorship. New Year’s message sent by former Hungarian political dissidents
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Files: The decline of democracy – New Year’s message sent by former Hungarian political dissidents, 2 January 2012.pdf
Abstract: In January 2012, a group of Hungarian "participants of the erstwhile human rights and democracy movement that opposed the one-party communist regime" published this declaration, warning that "never since the regime change of 1989 [..] has there been such an intense concentration of power in the region as in present-day Hungary." The group highlights changes in the areas of legislative power, executive power, the judiciary, the election law and the media. In the section about the media, the group argues that the governing party Fidesz "intends to place the entire media under its control and regulation"; that "the public media has been forced to serve the goverment"; that the newly established National Media and Telecommunication Agency, "led by [..] a Fidesz loyalist, may exercise wide-ranging regulatory and sanctioning rights"; that radio and TV frequencies and licenses "are conferred in an arbitrary fashion," and that the independent press is pushed toward self-censorship, because of the "enormous fines" they can be subjected to and the loss of state-sponsored advertisers "as well as private ones scared of retaliation."
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-01-02
Language: English
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