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Title: Pulling punches on Hungary media law
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Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Files: Pulling punches on Hungary media law.pdf
Abstract: Amanda McRae, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) researcher, criticized the European Commission's response to the controversial new Hungarian media laws in this op-ed, published in 2011 shortly after the Hungarian parliament passed some amendments to the laws at the European Commission's request. "The European Commission deserves credit for acting swiftly to press Hungary to abide by EU standards," she writes, "but the EU also bears some responsibility for the incomplete nature of the reforms." Commissioner Neelie Kroes failed to ensure that amendments fully addressed the concerns she had raised in her initial, strongly-worded letter to the Hungarian government, argues McRae. "The amended law still subjects media outlets based in Hungary to regulation by politically homogeneous government-appointed media bodies," she writes. "The amendments still allow broad and vague restrictions on how and what the media may say," including a prohibition on inciting "hatred or social exclusion directed against the majority," she adds, and "the amendments still allow large fines for violating these vague restrictions".
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-03-25
Language: English
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