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Title: Hungarian media law sparks controversy at the European Parliament (press release)
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Publisher: European Parliament
Files: Hungarian media law sparks controversy at the European Parliament.pdf
Abstract: This European Parliament press release reports on a debate by the Civil Liberties and the Culture committees on 16 January 2011 about the new Hungarian media law. "We are looking very carefully at the provisions," European Commissioner Neelie Kroes told the committees, adding that the Commission has already been in contact with the Hungarian government "to raise specific concerns" and that a preliminary examination had indicated some problems regarding the law's compatibility with the EU Audiovisual and Media Services (AVMS) Directive. Several MEPs voiced concerns about the law's "balanced communication" requirement, and a requirement that journalists disclose their sources in certain cases also drew concern. MEPs from the S&D and GUE/NGL groups called on the Hungarian government to suspend or withdraw the law, but MEPs from the EPP group called the debate politically motivated. One MEP from the Hungarian government party Fidesz argued that "this law presents no problems in terms of human rights," and denounced the "collective hysteria" about the legislation.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-01-18
Language: English
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