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Title: The EU Must Stop Hungarian Net Censorship
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Publisher: La Quadrature du Net
Files: The EU Must Stop Hungarian Net Censorship.pdf
Abstract: Shortly after the Hungarian government adopted controversial new media legislation, the four co-founders of La Quadrature du Net, an Internet rights and freedoms advocacy group, wrote this open letter to the European Commission and the President of the EU Parliament, asking them to take concrete steps to protect freedom of expression in Hungary. "This law takes us decades backward by creating the structure of a censorship regime," they argue. Specifically, they highlight the compulsory registration system for all content providers, including websites, under the new Media Act, as well as the new "administrative authority that will have the power to enforce drastic restrictions on free speech," subjecting the press as well as websites "to the regulatory power of a political body whose independence is far from effective". The group pleads for "urgent and decisive action" - such as an Article 7 procedure - arguing that "even if a comprehensive framework for protecting freedom of expression on the Internet is not yet available at the EU level, the provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and of the Treaties enable you to take immediate action".
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-01-05
Language: English
Rights: La Quadrature du Net, shared under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license.