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Title: European Parliament urged to pass resolution condemning Hungary’s new media law
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Publisher: Reporters Without Borders
Files: European Parliament urged to pass resolution condemning Hungary’s new media law.pdf
Abstract: In this statement, published on December 31, 2010, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) criticized the Hungarian Parliament's decision to adopt the controversial Media Act, "overhauling the state-owned media and creating a Media Council with utterly disproportionate powers," despite "unanimous opposition from leading media freedom organizations". The organization highlighted the newly established Media Council’s authority to impose heavy fines and the law's ban on content that is not "politically balanced", as well as the Media Council's authority to "punish offences against religion and the nation". Under the new legislation, journalists "can be forced to reveal their sources when national security is involved," RWB writes in the statement, and the organization claims that the members of the Media Council "all belong to the ruling Fidesz party". RWB therefore urges the European Parliament "to make discussion of this law an emergency item" on its agenda and adopt a resolution condemning the law, and writes that "the European Commission and the European Council's president must end their silence on this issue". The legislation also undermines the credibility of Hungary's EU presidency, RWB argues: "how can it demand decisive initiatives as regards respect for media freedom from candidate countries in the Balkans when it introduces a system that the European Union would rightly condemn if one of its neighbours adopted it?"
Publication/ adoption date: 2010-12-31
Language: English
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