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Title: How far will Media Council go to eliminate Klubradio?
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Publisher: Reporters Without Borders
Files: How far will Media Council go to eliminate Klubradio.pdf
Abstract: In this statement of 6 July 2012, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) expressed its dismay "to learn that Hungary’s Media Council has rejected opposition radio station Klubradio's bid to keep its Budapest commercial radio frequency, 95.3 FM, although the station had already been reassigned it after going to court". In the statement, RWB recounts how, half a year previously, the Media Council had controversially stripped Klubradio of the frequency it had been broadcasting on for years, 95.3 FM, and assigned it to an unknown applicant, Autoradio - and how this decision had been overturned in court in February. Although the judgment, which ruled that the frequency should go to Klubradio instead, was upheld on appeal, RWB notes, the Media Council refused to heed it and organized a new bid process - in which it has now rejected all applicants, including Klubradio, apparently for not having numbered and signed blank pages in its application. RWB argues that "The Media Council's stubborn hostility towards Klubradio only reinforces the view that it is politicized," underscoring "the dangers of the 2010 media law". It also notes that the government party Fidesz responded to the Klubradio court rulings by trying "to have a law passed that would allow the [media] council to override court decisions".
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-07-06
Language: English
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