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Title: Hungary : EFJ Condemns Manipulation of Media in Hungary as TV Report Sparks Hunger Strike by Union Leader
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Publisher: European Federation of Journalists
Files: EFJ Condemns Manipulation of Media in Hungary as TV Report Sparks Hunger Strike by Union Leader.pdf
Abstract: In this press release of 13 December 2011, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) expressed its support for "the struggle of Hungarian journalists and their unions against political interference in the country’s media amidst allegations of manipulation in news reporting". Hungarian public television stations sparked a controversy when they blurred an image of the former Head of the Supreme Court, Zoltán Lomnici, whom reports claim to be "persona non grata" in the public media. After an internal investigation, an image editor, a reporter and an editor on duty were sent a warning, but the Public Media Trade Union claimed that management was merely making these three people scapegoats, when they had acted upon orders from their superiors. Journalists point out that the head of news department was previously suspected of manipulating the report of a press conference by Green MEPs in Budapest. The President of the Council of Public Media Trade Unions, Balazs Nagy Navarro, started a hunger strike on 10 December to call for a fair and independent inquiry, and EFJ President Arne König declared that¨"We are horrified to see that public television channels [are] deliberately manipulating news reports and threatening journalists who speak up for their rights”.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-12-13
Language: English
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