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Title: Press Freedom Index 2012
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Publisher: Mérték (Standards) Media Monitor
Files: Press Freedom Index 2012.pdf
Abstract: In this piece, Mérték (Standards) Media Monitor reports on a series of surveys it conducted to analyze the state of press freedom in Hungary. The organisation "performed surveys in several fields [..], including the impact of the recent media regulation, political and economic pressure on the media, and self-censorship". The researchers posed their questions to "a variety of target groups including journalists, media managers, and the general public", using questionnaires and a series of interviews. Amongst other things, they found that the general public gave the state of press freedom a low grade (4.6), but that there was a significant gap between the assessment by government supporters and supporters of the largest opposition party. 55% of the journalists asked believe that the finances of their employer depend to some extent on the political powers that be, and according to the respondents, political pressure is exerted in indirect ways, most notably through the award or withholding of government-sponsored advertising. The survey found significant use of self-censorship, and most of the journalists asked feel that their situation has worsened since the introduction of the new media regulation. The majority of journalists say the area most adversely affected is the quality of public service media.
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-02-17
Language: English
Rights: Mérték Media Monitor. Permission for reproducing the document granted by email.