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Title: Information note explaining how the new media laws have deteriorated the media situation in Hungary
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Publisher: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)
Files: information_note_hml[1].pdf
Abstract: On 5 July 2011, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) and the ARTICLE 19 Global Campaign For Free Expression published this "Information Note" about the new Hungarian media laws that entered into force in January that year. The two NGOs, which already published a number of opinions and statements calling on the Hungarian government and Pariament to bring about substantial changes to the laws, collaborated to explain how the new regulations deteriorated the media situation in Hungary. The Information Note is intended to explain clearly and comprehensively, in a question and answer format, what the main problems with the laws are; why they were adopted; what the public reaction to the laws was in Hungary and abroad; what the government’s response to the criticism has been; and what problems with the laws are most urgent.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-07-05
Language: English
Rights: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU). Permission for reproducing HCLU documents in this digital archive granted by email.