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Title: Report on the frequency tendering by the Media Council (Part 2)
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Publisher: Mérték (Standards) Media Monitor
Files: Report on the frequency tendering by the Media Council (Part 2).pdf
Abstract: This is the second report by Mérték (Standards) Media Monitor on the Media Council's handling of tender procedures for frequencies. For this report, Mérték looked at the evaluation of radio frequency bids by the Media Council between the end of 2011 and Fall 2012. During this period, the Media Council conducted 58 tenders, of which 20 concluded without a result, meaning the authority issued 38 new frequency licenses. In contrast to the preceding period, four out of five tenders in this period were to re-award licenses held by existing radio stations, who started operating in the late 1990s and whose licenses expired. During a transitional period after the abolition of the previous regulatory authority ORTT, many of these stations relied on temporary licenses that were valid for 60 days at a time. The main question was whether the incumbent stations would be allowed to continue or the Media Council would use the opportunity to reshuffle the radio market, but as of yet, the report concludes, this question cannot be answered conclusively, in particular because so many tenders were declared unsuccessful: in only a third of cases did an incumbent station reapply and was the tender concluded successfully. In a majority of those cases, though, the frequencies were awarded to the incumbents, typically small local stations. An intent to restructure the market was noticeable in several other decisions, however, particularly in the Budapest market. Special mention is made of the oppositional Klubrádió station, which filed 15 bids during this period: "Not only did Klub Radio not win any one of the tenders, but in the second round each tender where it entered the fray was eventually declared unsuccessful". Mainly, however, this second period "was characterized by protracted processes that dragged out far beyond the legal deadline, as well as by highly variable disclosure practices".
Publication/ adoption date: 2012
Language: English
Rights: Mérték Media Monitor. Permission for reproducing the document granted by email.