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Title: The New Hungarian Media Law: Evaluation and Summary
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Publisher: Political Capital
Files: The New Hungarian Media Law Evaluation and Summary.pdf
Abstract: In this analysis from 22 January 2011, the Hungary-based Political Capital Policy Research & Consulting Institute examines the two recently adopted Hungarian media laws, exploring the arguments for and against the legislation and summarizing the legislation's main components. The analysis also reviews the domestic political implications, as well as the foreign policy impact, of the national and international controversy that erupted over the laws. Political Capital highlights several salient elements of the new laws in more detail: the broad scope of the new regulations; the new regulation and supervision system for the public service media (including the roles of the two new bodies, the Public Service Foundation and the Media Service Promotion and Asset Management Fund); and the structure, procedures and offices of the new media regulatory authority. It also remarks on the presence or absence of legal remedies regarding decisions by the Media Council and the fines and sanctions which it can impose.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-01-22
Language: English
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