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Title: Constitutional Court decided in favour of journalistic source protection
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Files: Constitutional Court decided in favour of journalistic source protection _ atlatszo.pdf
Abstract: In this post, (the website of the Átlátszó Center for Investigative Journalism, a Hungarian watchdog NGO) comments on the ruling by the Constitutional Court of 19 December 2011 which struck down elements of the controversial media laws passed in 2010. In particular, the Court ruled that the protection of journalists' sources is not sufficiently guaranteed by the new legislation, and Atlatszo summarizes the Court's findings in this regard. The website points out that the ruling effectively proved right the claims which made when it filed several legal complaints "against the police obligation to identify a journalist’s source and seizing confidential data". Atlatszo filed those legal cases after the organised crime unit of the Hungarian police summoned Tamás Bodoky, the website's editor-in-chief, as witness after he refused to identify a confidential source - and proceeded to seize a hard disk as evidence at the journalist’s apartment. "To help out lawmakers," the post concludes, "we have elaborated a piece of legislation to create a regulation of journalistic source protection in accordance with the Constitutional Court’s decision" (available in Hungarian).
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-12-20
Language: English
Rights: Licensed under Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5