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Title: Media Law Amended, Substance Left Unchanged
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Publisher: / South and East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO)
Files: Media Law Amended, Substance Left Unchanged.pdf
Abstract: In this 'expert opinion' for the website, Ildiko Vincze, editor-in-chief of, reviewed a new set of amendments to the controversial Hungarian media laws, passed on 19 July 2011. Unlike the set of amendments passed in March that year, this time the amendments did not address the sections of the media laws that were strongly criticised by international organisations and European Union institutions, she notes, and in some cases, the latest amendments "even aggravate the situation". The newest amendments mean that "fines are getting stricter," becoming collectable similar to taxes due; the "independence of public media service providers is further curbed" by an even more dominant position of the the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA); and "the right of the President of the Media Council to issue decrees was significantly broadened". These amendments, she concludes, "deepen the divide between the Hungarian media legislation and basic civil liberties, the freedom of press and the freedom of expression, as well as EU conventions and adopted international standards guaranteeing the independence of public media service providers" .
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-02-23
Language: English
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