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Title: Hungarian Political Summary: Media Act
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Publisher: Nézőpont Intézet
Files: HPS Media Act.pdf
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Abstract: In this analysis from January 2011 of the new Hungarian media laws that had just been adopted, the Hungarian analysis, research and consultancy group Nézőpont Intézet argued that the legislation was "modern .. even by European standards" and "in line with current technical and market conditions and the norms of the rule of law". In the analysis, the Nézőpont Intézet writes that the laws have been misinterpreted by its critics "as a result .. of a lack of knowledge of the new and the old regulations". Accusations of arbitrary governmental influence are unfounded, as "legal remedy is available against any decision taken by the new media authority". The analysis reviews the scope of the new laws, which includes the press and on-line media but not "blogs, private websites, video sharing websites, etc", and its content regulations, which apply the obligation to correct false statements and rules on the protection of minors to on-line news portals and on-demand media services as well. The laws do not entail any tightening of the protection of journalists’ sources of information, the analysis argues, only a clarification which increases legal security. The new rules of registration for media outlets serve to increase transparency and control market concentration, the analysis claims, and the consolidation of the public service media will "ensure a rational spending of public funds". The analysis reviews the roles and powers of the new media regulatory authorities and the principles guiding the application of fines, as well as the possibilities of judicial review. Finally, Nézőpont points out, the opposition's criticism of the allegedly excessive power of the media authority should be viewed in the light of a draft media act that was still put forth by the Gyurcsány Cabinet which "also called for [a new] National Media Authority with very wide-ranging powers".
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-01-07
Language: English
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