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Title: Renewed debate about the media law
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Publisher: Nézőpont Intézet
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Abstract: In this commentary from May 2012, the Hungarian research and consultancy group Nézőpont Intézet responded to the move by the international watchdog group Freedom House to downgrade the status of the Hungarian press from "free" to "partly free" in its annual global survey. The commentary addresses a number of Freedom House's arguments, from its criticism of the new Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information to its claim that there was evidence of a "politically motivated licensing procedure" in the loss of Klubradio’s frequencies. Freedom House's claims about Klubradio "contain several factual errors," Nézőpont argues, citing the assertion of Media Council spokesperson Karola Kiricsi that Klubradio deliberately submitted a weak application. The repeal of the Media Council's decision on Klubradio by the courts merely underlines "that there is a possibility for legal redress". In response to the claim that "reports of censorship and self-censorship increased," especially in the public media, Nezopont argues that "political figures regularly state their views on cases unfavourable for the cabinet" in the media, and that public media controversies such as the blurring of the face of a former chief judge resulted in the dismissal of those responsible. In general, the commentary argues, the critics of the law have not taken into account the changes which have already been made and the amendments the government presented to satisfy the Constitutional Court's ruling on the laws. In conclusion, Nezopont quotes Secretary of State for International Communication Zoltán Kovács who said that the Freedom House report "fits well in the consistent campaign .. trying to discredit Hungary".
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-05-15
Language: English
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