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Title: Media regulations amended
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Publisher: Nézőpont Intézet
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Abstract: This analysis from 5 June 2012 by the Hungarian research and consultancy group Nézőpont Intézet reviewed the amendments of the media laws that were passed the day before. The latest amendments address the Constitutional Court's ruling from December 2011 which annulled parts of the legislation, the group writes, for example by reinforcing the protection of journalistic sources. The amendments mean that the media regulatory authority can no longer oblige anyone to reveal information sources; only the courts can do so. Under the amendments, the Media and Communications Commissioner will no longer have regulatory powers "and shall only act as mediator between client and service provider," Nézőpont writes, and the President of the Media Authority NMHH will no longer automatically be able to serve indefinitely as Chairperson of the Media Council as well unless he is elected in that position by Parliament within 30 days. Finally, under the amended laws, the NMHH will no longer be able to act in cases concerning the offence of human dignity, the violation of human rights or breaches of privacy by a press product, a competence that had been criticized for being too vague; but sanctions against hate speech and violations of the constitutional order remain in effect. The amendments did not touch upon all the issues that had been criticized by international organisations, the analysis notes, such as the appointment of the NMHH President and the scope of fines. The amendments also had to be resubmitted after a first vote contained a procedural flaw, which involved provisions about the media authority's competence to ignore the outcome of frequency tenders and an automatic expiration of broadcasting contracts concluded under the previous law.
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-06-05
Language: English
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