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Title: Proposed Hungarian Media Law Would Threaten Freedom
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Publisher: Freedom House
Files: Proposed Hungarian Media Law Would Threaten Freedom _ Freedom House.pdf
Abstract: In this statement of 13 December 2010, the independent watchdog organization Freedom House warned that "new legislation currently under consideration by the Hungarian Parliament .. poses a threat to press freedom". Provisions in the new law would give the newly established Media Council the authority to suspend or impose hefty fines on private newspapers, websites, broadcasters, and other content providers that have violated broadly worded press rules, including ones on 'balanced' coverage and immoral reporting. Essentially, Freedom House argues in this statement, the new law "subjects private media organizations to the rules and regulations that govern public and state-run media". The new law would compound press freedom issues introduced by other recently passed media legislation which restructured supervision over Hungary’s public media, created new media regulatory bodies filled with Fidesz supporters and equipped with "enhanced regulatory powers and considerable control over all forms of media," and obliges journalists to reveal their sources in articles concerning national security or public safety issues, Freedom House argues.
Publication/ adoption date: 2010-12-13
Language: English
Rights: Freedom House. Permission for reproducing the document granted by email.