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Title: Hungary: ARTICLE 19 Calls for Comprehensive Media Law Reform
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Publisher: Article 19
Files: hungary-article-19-calls-for-comprehensive-media-law-reform.pdf
Abstract: In this statement of 1 March 2011, international freedom of expression organisation Article XIX welcomed "the recent decision of the Hungarian government to amend some of the controversial provisions in the media law package adopted in 2010," but expressed alarm at "the fact that many problematic provisions are not included in the government reform plans and remain unchanged". The statement briefly recaps the amendments which the government is proposing, after consultations with the European Commission, and then summarizes the shortfalls of the legislation that are not or insufficiently corrected by the amendments: the hierarchical media governance system and its lacking independence; the government's control over the public service broadcasters; the broad scope and vague formulation of content regulations, including those banning the incitement of hatred against individuals, groups and majorities as well as minorities; the powers of the Media Council to oblige internet service providers to block any internet-based news outlets; the lack of protection of journalistic sources; the arbitrary licensing regime for broadcasting media; and the high fines that the Media Council can levy when enforcing the law. The statement concludes with suggestions on how to expand the media law reform.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-03-01
Language: English
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