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Title: Hungary: ARTICLE 19 condemns Media Authority refusal of license to Klubrádió
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Publisher: Article 19
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Abstract: In this statement of 21 December 2011, the international freedom of expression organisation Article 19 condemned the recent decision of the Hungarian Media Authority to refuse Klubrádió’s application for a renewal of its broadcasting license. The prospective closure of the oppositional radio station "means the silencing of Hungary’s only remaining independent radio station and a significant blow to the media pluralism in the country," the statement argues, saying that the decision appears to be politically motivated. Klubrádió is a highly popular radio station, it points out, as evidenced by how its listeners donated €500,000 in order to keep the station going in the face of depleting advertising revenue, whereas the company which was allocated Klubrádió’s frequency was "founded only this year with 3,300 USD capital, and with no reference of any work ever done". Agnes Callamard, Article 19 Executive Director, argues that the decision "shows the expansive licensing power of the Media Authority in practice".
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-12-21
Language: English
Rights: Article 19. Permission for reproducing the document granted by email.