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Title: Act XX of 1949: The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary (translations as of 2003 and 2010)
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Publisher: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) resp. International Constitutional Law (ICL)
Files: The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary (Act XX of 1949), as of 2010.pdf (The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary (Act XX of 1949), as of 2010)
The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary (Act XX of 1949), as of 2003.pdf (The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary (Act XX of 1949), as of 2003)
Source: (2010); (2003)
Abstract: The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary was originally adopted as Act XX of 1949. Fundamental amendments that were passed in 1989 as Act XXXI transformed the Constitution, establishing the rule of law and democracy, and further amendments were passed in 1990 and throughout the postcommunist era, until the Constitution was replaced in April 2011 by The Fundamental Law of Hungary. Article 61 of the Constitution stipulated that "everyone has the right to freely express his opinion, and furthermore to access and distribute information of public interest" and that "the Republic of Hungary recognizes and respects the freedom of the press". Article 61 also stipulated the need to pass laws, by a majority of two-thirds of the votes of the Members of Parliament, on public access to information of public interest and freedom of the press, as well as on "the supervision of public radio, television and the public news agency, as well as the appointment of the directors thereof, on the licensing of commercial radio and television, and on the prevention of monopolies in the media sector". The translation provided by the International Constitutional Law (ICL) website incorporates all amendments until 2003, whereas the translation provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) incorporates all amendments up to 2010. The latter include the amendment adopted in July 2010 that changed the wording of Article 61, removing the reference to the prevention of monopolies and adding the right of everyone to access to "proper" information as well as a description of the role and supervision of the public service media, and the amendment adopted in December 2010 that introduced Article 40/E, which established the role and responsibilities of the new National Media and Infocommunications Authority.
Publication/ adoption date: 2003; 2010
Language: English
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