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Title: Hungary - Myths and Facts
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Publisher: State Secretariat for Government Communication of Hungary
Files: Hungary - Myths and Facts.pdf
Abstract: The Hungarian State Secretariat for Government Communication published this document, formatted as a series of fact-checks of "myths" about Hungary, and shared it with the European Parliament in February 2012. The document, which includes sections on subjects like democracy in Hungary, the new constitution, government appointments, the central bank, judicial reform, election reforms, and minority relations, also includes a section on the media. This section addresses three "myths," namely that the new media laws threatens free speech; that the threat of large fines is causing self-censorship among journalists; and that the radio station Klubrádió was denied a new licence because it was critical of the government. The new legislation was necessary to curb "abuses of privacy, impartiality and decency" and is working well, it argues: "Turn on a TV or open a newspaper in Hungary and you will see that freedom of expression is alive and well." The accusation of self-censorship "is made without any evidence," and Klubrádió was "subject to the same open licence-bidding rules as every other media company" and merely "failed to meet the required technical and legal specifications".
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-02
Language: English