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Title: Agreement has been reached on amendments to the Media Act
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Publisher: Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary
Files: Agreement has been reached on amendments to the Media Act.pdf
Proposed Amendments to the Press and Media Act and the Media Services and Mass Media Act.doc
Abstract: On 16 February 2011, the Hungarian government announced that its media policy specialists had reached an agreement with the European Commission's specialists about amendments to the two new media laws which Hungary adopted in the previous months. Moreover, it released the text of the proposed amendments, indicating what passages in the laws would be deleted and what segments would be added. The negotiations between the European and Hungarian specialists were started after European Commissioner Neelie Kroes outlined her concerns about the new legislation and its compatibility with EU law in two letters to Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics. In the government's announcement, Minister of State for Communications Zoltán Kovács said that "the European Commission and the Hungarian government agree that these clarifications and amendments have answered in full the questions raised in the letter from Neelie Kroes" and that "the amendments will be put before Parliament as soon as possible". The document with proposed amendments encompasses changes to five of the articles of the Press Freedom Act (or so-called 'media constitution') and six of the articles of the Media Act, which concern provisions on balanced coverage, the country of origin principle, registration requirements for media outlets, and regulations concerning media contents deemed offensive.
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-02-16
Language: English