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Title: Proposed amendments to media laws before Parliament
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Publisher: Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary
Files: Proposed amendments to media laws before Parliament.pdf
Abstract: In this news item of 18 February 2013, the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice announced that the government had submitted amendments to the media laws to parliament which resulted from "the dialogue conducted with the EU and the Council of Europe". The amendments will change the rules for the appointment of the presidents of the national media authority NMHH and the Media Council, the announcement says, in order to "further reinforce .. the guarantees for the independent operation of the media authority". In the future, it will be the Hungarian President's authority, rather than the Prime Minister's, to appoint and remove the NMHH President - based on the Prime Minister’s recommendation. In addition, prior to the nomination by the Prime Minister, professional bodies and civil organisations in the field of media and communications will have the opportunity to make nominations. The requirements prescribed for the offices of the NMHH President and the President of the Media Council will be made more stringent. Finally, whereas the amendments do not change the nine-year terms for the two offices, it will no longer be possible to re-appoint or re-elect the office-holders.
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-02-18
Language: English