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Title: Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
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Publisher: European Union (Official Journal of the European Union)
Files: Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.pdf
Abstract: The European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights brings together in a single document the civil, political, economic and social rights of European Union citizens and residents. It was drafted by the European Convention and solemnly proclaimed on 7 December 2000 by the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission. The Charter became legally binding on the EU with the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, in December 2009. The Charter entrenches all the rights found in the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU; the rights and freedoms enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights; and other rights and principles resulting from the common constitutional traditions of EU countries and other international instruments. The Charter's rights are divided into six sections: dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights, and justice. The Charter applies to the EU institutions and bodies and to national authorities when they are implementing EU law. Articles within the Charter include provisions on the freedom of expression and information, the freedom and pluralism of the media, and the protection of personal data.
Publication/ adoption date: 2000-12-18
Language: English
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