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Title: 2011 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
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Publisher: European Commission
Files: 2011 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.pdf
Abstract: The European Commission publishes an annual report on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which highlights important developments and monitors progress made in the implementation of the Charter by the EU institutions and member states, showing how the Charter has been taken into account in actual cases. The 2011 report is the second of these annual reports, and includes sections on data protection and freedom of expression. The section on freedom of expression recaps the intervention by the European Commission to ensure the amendment of the Hungarian media laws that were adopted in 2010, as well as their review by the Hungarian Constitutional Court. The Commission's intervention regarding the independence of the Hungarian data protection authority is covered as well. The report observes that both the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and national courts addressing questions to the CJEU quoted or referred to the Charter at least 50% more often than in 2010. The report mentions several landmark CJEU rulings, including one in which the Court declared that ordering an internet service provider to install a filtering system to prevent infringements of intellectual property rights would violate customers' rights, including those to the protection of their personal data. Among other issues, the data protection section also reviews investigations into social networking sites by national data protection authorities. An annex provides an overview of 2011 ECJ case law which directly quotes the Charter or mentions it in its reasoning.
Publication/ adoption date: 2012
Language: English
Rights: © European Union, 2012. "Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged."