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Title: A panorama of local media outlets in Pécs city
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Files: A panorama of local media outlets in Pécs city _ atlatszo.pdf
Abstract: This brief English summary of an in-depth Hungarian-language report by describes the local media scene in the south-Hungarian town of Pécs. The city government is an important player in the local media market: through two companies run by the city, it owns a local television channel, a news site and a print newspaper. One of those companies, the Pécs Media Center, was restructured in 2011 into a slightly right-leaning but professionally run media company, but its new director, who previously worked for the right wing Hír TV and Echo TV stations, appears to have been appointed because the government still deemed the tone of the company's outlets insufficiently right wing. The editor-in-chief of the local daily Pécsi Újság has argued that only those outlets in the city which have enough advertising revenue can write freely; the Atlatszo piece adds that Pécsi Újság itself gained several million Hungarian forints in advertising revenue from the local government.
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-03-06
Language: English
Rights: Licensed under Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5