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Title: Speech: Safeguarding media freedom and pluralism
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Publisher: European Commission
Files: Speech Safeguarding media freedom and pluralism.pdf
Abstract: In this speech at a seminar on "Media Pluralism and Freedom in a Connected Europe" in Dublin on 22 March 2013, European Commissioner Neelie Kroes spoke about safeguarding media freedom and pluralism in general, and mentioned Hungary. The European Union faces challenges, she said, "sometimes even threats to our principles," in the form of problems regarding media concentration and lack of diversity; restrictions on online and offline media; and state control, pressure and interference. Hungary, she specified, constituted one high-profile case of such problems, and "issues of media freedom are not yet solved" there as "only a fraction of the Council of Europe recommendations have been implemented". However, she added, mentioning Bulgaria and the United Kingdom as other examples, "media issues are not limited to one Member State; there are concerns and intense debates in places across the EU". Regarding Hungary, Kroes also mentioned that she welcomed Klubrádió finally having "received a disputed frequency after an extremely long and complex legal battle".
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-03-22
Language: English
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