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Title: U.S. Helsinki Commission Hearing "The Trajectory of Democracy: Why Hungary Matters": Testimony by the Honorable Jozsef Szajer
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Publisher: U.S. Helsinki Commission (Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe)
Files: CSCE __ Testimony __ The Honorable Jozsef Szajer.pdf
Abstract: The U.S. Helsinki Commission (Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe), an independent agency of the U.S. federal government chaired by Senator Benjamin Cardin and Congressman Christopher Smith, organized a hearing on the state of democracy in Hungary on March 19, 2013, inviting a number of speakers to present on the subject. This is the testimony by Jozsef Szajer, Member of the European Parliament for the Hungarian government party, Fidesz. "My core message," he told the Commission, "is that .. there is no reason to worry about the commitment of Hungary to democracy and the rule of law". Regarding the state of the Hungarian media, Szajer said that Hungary is "a real success story," if the large number of reports and articles criticizing the government that are being published every day is any reflection of the existence of a free press. Reading them, "you will not witness any sign of the self-censorship" that critics of the Hungarian media laws talk about, he told the commission. "I am not aware of any case of censorship or harassment of journalists during the three years of the current government," he added, arguing that the media law was intended to adapt the legal framework to the Internet age and is now being studied by "many other countries".
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-03-19
Language: English