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Title: We published the secret broadcasting agreement of FM1
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Abstract: In March 2013, this English-language summary article reports, Hungarian watchdog organization Atlatszo published the broadcasting contracts which the National Radio and Television Comission signed, in 2009, and the newly established Media Council subsequently amended, in 2011, with the FM1 consortium, owner of the Neo FM station. The 2009 decision to award the frequencies which until then had been used by the popular Danubius and Sláger radio stations to new stations, Class FM and Neo FM, owned by companies close to the Fidesz and Socialist parties respectively, was highly controversial. The president of the responsible regulator resigned in protest. Whereas Class FM flourished, Neo FM ceased broadcasting in 2012. An Origo reporter had won a lawsuit to make the broadcasting contracts public, but the Media Council appealed and the contracts remained undisclosed until Atlatszo obtained them. They reveal irregularities in the original frequency allocations, with FM1 making vastly unrealistic estimates of expected turnover; and they make clear that the contract modifications, which the Media Council signed after FM1's original broadcasting contract had been in operation for just half a year, substantially benefited the station financially. The modified contract greatly reduced the broadcasting fee FM1 had to pay, as well as the amount of cultural and public service programs Neo FM had to broadcast. According to Atlatszo, the modifications would have had a "huge impact" on the tender ruling if they had been included in the original proposal.
Publication/ adoption date: 2013-04-09
Language: English
Rights: Licensed under Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5