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Title: Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the independence and functions of regulatory authorities for the broadcasting sector
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: Decl-26.03.2008E.doc
Abstract: This Declaration, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 26 March 2008 at the 1022nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, follows up on Recommendation Rec(2000)23 and a document drafted at the request of the Steering Committee on Media and New Information Services (CDMC), which provided an overview on the implementation of that Recommendation as well as further information on the independence of regulatory authorities in the Council of Europe countries. More generally, it addresses the new challenges to the regulation of the broadcasting landscape which result from concentration in the broadcasting sector and technological developments in broadcasting, in particular digital broadcasting. The Declaration expresses concern that the legal framework on broadcasting regulation in some Council of Europe member states remains unclear, contradictory or in conflict with Recommendation Rec(2000)23, and that the political and financial independence of regulatory authorities and their members is not properly ensured, licences are allocated and monitoring decisions are made without due regard to Council of Europe standards, and broadcasting regulatory decisions are not made available to the public or are not open to review. The Declaration calls on member states to implement Recommendation Rec(2000)23 and provide the legal, political, financial, technical and other means necessary to ensure the independent functioning of broadcasting regulatory authorities, so as to remove risks of political or economic interference; and invites broadcasting regulatory authorities, among other things, to ensure the independent and transparent allocation of broadcasting licences.
Publication/ adoption date: 2008-03-26
Language: English