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Title: Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the role of community media in promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: Decl-11.02.2009E.doc
Abstract: This Declaration, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 11 February 2009 at the 1048th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, declares its support for community media, with a view to helping them play a positive role for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, and in this connection recognises community media as a distinct media sector, alongside public service and private commercial media. In this light, the Declaration highlights the necessity to examine how legal frameworks could be adapted to enable the recognition and the development of community media; draws attention to the desirability of allocating a sufficient number of frequencies, both in analogue and digital environments, to community media; stresses the desirability of examining the possibility of committing funds at national, regional and local level to support the sector; encourages the study and exchange of good practice in community media; and observes how desirable it would be to facilitate capacity building and training of community media staff, for example via training schemes within the framework of lifelong learning and media literacy.
Publication/ adoption date: 2009-02-11
Language: English