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Title: Resolution (74) 26 on the right of reply - position of the individual in relation to the press
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: www.coe.int_t_dghl_standardsetting_media_doc_cm_res(1974)026_en.pdf
Abstract: This resolution, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 2 July 1974, at the 233rd meeting of the Ministers' Deputies, recommends three main minimum principles to member governments that should guide the position of the individual in relation to media. It lays out the individual's rights to have a correction published when any medium publishes incorrect facts about him, as well as the individual's right to an effective remedy in case facts or opinions are published that constitute an interference with his privacy or an attack upon his dignity, honour or reputation. The articulation of these rights stipulates that such rights do not apply when publication "is justified by an overriding, legitimate public interest", and that nothing in the Declaration's principles "should be interpreted to justify censorship". An appendix to the resolution specifies minimum rules regarding the right of reply to the press, the radio and the television and to other periodical media.
Publication/ adoption date: 1974-07-02
Language: English