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Title: Resolution (74) 43 on Press Concentrations
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: www.coe.int_t_dghl_standardsetting_media_doc_cm_res(1974)043_en.pdf
Abstract: This resolution, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 16 December 1974 at the 240th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies, recommends a set of seven proposals aimed at supporting the press and tackling the challenges posed by the trend of media concentration, which it asks the member states to consider. The resolution highlights the special role of newspapers in ensuring that a diversity of news and views is available to the general public, but observes a reduction in the number of newspapers with their own complete editorial units, as an increasing number of them are coming under the effective control of fewer owners. The resolution mentions that a committee of experts, in a report accompanying the resolution, describes several possible forms of action which public authorities could take, including different forms of aid, which "might in certain cases and for a certain time contribute towards some limitation or slowing down of the phenomenon of press concentration".
Publication/ adoption date: 1974-12-16
Language: English