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Title: Declaration on the freedom of expression and information
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: www.coe.int_t_dghl_standardsetting_media_doc_cm_dec(1982)freedomexpr_en.pdf
Abstract: This declaration, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 29 April 1982 at its 70th Session, reiterate the firm attachment of the member states to the principles of freedom of expression and information, and describe the objectives they seek to achieve in the field of information and mass media. Those include the "protection of the right of everyone [..] to express himself, to seek and receive information and ideas, whatever their source, as well as to impart them under the conditions set out in Article 10 [ECHR]"; the "absence of censorship or any arbitrary controls or constraints on [..] media content or on the transmission and dissemination of information"; the "pursuit of an open information policy in the public sector" and "the existence of a wide variety of independent and autonomous media". The member states also resolve to intensify their co-operation in order to defend and promote the freedom of expression and information, promote the free flow of information and "ensure that new information and communication techniques and services [..] are effectively used to broaden the scope of freedom of expression and information".
Publication/ adoption date: 1982-04-19
Language: English