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Title: Recommendation no. R (94) 13 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to promote media transparency
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: www.coe.int_t_dghl_standardsetting_media_doc_cm_rec(1994)013&expmem_en.pdf
Abstract: This recommendation, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 22 November 1994 at the 521st meeting of the Minister's Deputies, recommends member states to consider adopting legislative provisions that would guarantee or promote media transparency (and to facilitate exchanges of information between member states on this topic). Recalling the crucial role of media pluralism and diversity in democratic societies and the risks of media concentration that may justify government regulation, the recommendation observes that such regulation presupposes that the authorities can gain access to the relevant information about media ownership structures, and that the public, likewise, require transparency in order to be able to weigh the information they receive from the media. The recommendation includes, as appendices, a number of guidelines for general provisions on media transparency and specific measures which may guarantee media transparency in the broadcasting sector and the press sector. Those guidelines are further introduced and elaborated in an explanatory memorandum which is appended as well.
Publication/ adoption date: 1994-11-22
Language: English