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Title: Recommendation No. R (99) 15 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on measures concerning media coverage of election campaigns
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Abstract: This recommendation, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 9 September 1999 at the 678th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies, recommends member states to examine ways of ensuring respect for the principles of fairness, balance and impartiality in the coverage of election campaigns by the media, and to consider the adoption of measures to do so in their domestic law or practice. While stressing the special importance of the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and editorial independence in election periods and taking account of the significant differences between print and broadcast media, the recommendation underlines that the coverage of elections by the broadcast media should be fair, balanced and impartial; and that public broadcasters in particular have a responsibility to provide a fair and thorough coverage of elections. An appendix to the recommendation suggests measures regarding especially broadcast media and publicly owned print media, stipulating for example that no privileged treatment should be given to public authorities. Specific measures concern, for broadcast media, paid political advertising and free airtime made available to political parties/candidates and, for all media, respect for a "day of reflection" where provided in the member state's regulations, the reporting of polling data, the right of reply, and non-interference by public authorities.
Publication/ adoption date: 1999-09-09