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Title: Recommendation CM/Rec(2007)11 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on promoting freedom of expression and information in the new information and communications environment
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: CMRec(2007)11E.doc
Abstract: This recommendation, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 26 September 2007 at the 1005th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies, urges member states to "take all necessary measures to promote the full exercise and enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the new information and communications environment, in particular the right to freedom of expression and information". It presents a set of guidelines and recommends member states to adopt common standards and strategies to implement them. The guidelines identify five areas of focus. The first, "empowering individual users," refers to the need for users to fully understand and exercise their rights and freedoms in the new information and communications environment - and the need for governments and the private sector to provide transparent information and assistance when it comes to, for example, the monitoring of e-mail and Internet use and the retention of personal data, or the blocking, filtering or removal of content. The second area concerns common standards and strategies for reliable information, flexible content creation and transparency in the processing of information and includes, for example, the rating and labelling of harmful content and respect for intellectual property rights on peer-to-peer networks. The third area concerns affordable access to ICT infrastructure, since the declaration posits that a lack of access to ICTs can deprive individuals of the ability to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The fourth area concerns access to information as a public service, i.a. urging public authorities to increase the provision and transparency of their online services so every citizen has access to public information. The last area concerns co-operation between stakeholders and i.a. urges the private sector to develop new forms of transparent and accountable self-regulation.
Publication/ adoption date: 2007-09-26
Language: English