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Title: Recommendation CM/Rec(2007)16 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to promote the public service value of the Internet
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: CMRec(2007)16E.doc
Abstract: This recommendation, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 7 November 2007 at the 1010th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, observes a rapid shift "towards a ubiquitous information society," and argues that the Internet now "constitutes a new pervasive social and public space which should have an ethical dimension [and] be based on respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of law". While acknowledging the risks posed by cybercrime and harmful Internet content as well as the need to ensure the right to privacy is respected, the recommendation urges member states to take all necessary measures to promote the Internet's public service value. Member states should for example promote social cohesion and respect for cultural diversity in the use of ICTs, and encourage the private sector to recognize its evolving ethical responsibilities and develop new forms of self- and co-regulation. An appendix sets out in detail what policies and strategies the member states should develop to protect and promote human rights, the rule of law and democracy (in particular through e-democracy and e-government); to increase affordable access to ICT infrastructure to all, including vulnerable groups; to promote the growth of local cultural industries, especially in the field of digital content production, and to preserve digital heritage; and to develop and strengthen security on the Internet, for example by ratifying the Convention on Cybercrime and improving their domestic frameworks for privacy law. In addition, the appendix urges "openness" on the Internet, for example by not subjecting users to any licensing or general blocking or filtering measures, providing service providers with non-discriminatory access to telecommunication networks, encouraging the re-use of public data, and ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights still leaves space for a culture of participation to flourish, in which consumers become active communicators, creators and remixers of content.
Publication/ adoption date: 2007-11-07
Language: English