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Title: Recommendation CM/Rec(2009)5 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to protect children against harmful content and behaviour and to promote their active participation in the new information and communications environment
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Publisher: Council of Europe
Files: CMRec(2009)5E.doc
Abstract: This recommendation, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 8 July 2009 at the 1063rd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, stresses how ensuring coherent protection for minors against harmful content in the information and communications environment and developing children’s media literacy skills are priorities for the Council of Europe. Harm to the well-being of children can be posed by online pornography, the degrading and stereotyped portrayal of women, the portrayal and glorification of violence and self-harm, discriminatory or racist expressions, solicitation (grooming), the recruitment of child victims of trafficking, and bullying, stalking and other forms of harassment. The recommendation urges member states to develop and promote, in co-operation with private sector actors and civil society, strategies to protect children against potentially harmful content and behaviour while advocating their active participation in the new information and communications environment. Such strategies can involve the development and use of safe spaces (walled gardens) and other tools facilitating access to websites and Internet content appropriate for children; the development and use of labels and trustmarks allowing parents and children to easily distinguish non-harmful content; and the development of Internet skills and literacy among children, parents and educators so they can better understand potentially harmful content and behaviour. An appendix sets out guidelines regarding the shapes these strategies should take.
Publication/ adoption date: 2009-07-08
Language: English