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Title: Act CLXXXV of 2010 on media services and mass media (translations of initial text; text as of 3 August 2011; and text as of 3 July 2012)
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Publisher: Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority
Files: act_clxxxv_media_act-03072012.pdf (Act CLXXXV of 2010 ("Media Act") - Translation of text valid per 3 July 2012)
act_clxxxv_media_act-03082011.pdf (Act CLXXXV of 2010 ("Media Act") - Translation of text valid per 3 August 2011)
act_clxxxv_media_act-31122010.pdf (Act CLXXXV of 2010 ("Media Act") - Translation of original text, passed on 21 December 2010)
Abstract: Act CLXXXV, also known as the "Media Act," was initially passed by Hungarian parliament on 21 December 2010. The Media Act specified new content regulations for print, electronic and online media, the authorities of the newly established media regulatory bodies, and the sanctions and fines (reaching up to $950,000 for television stations and $119,000 for newspapers and online news portals) for breaches to the new legislation. The law specified sanctions for content that infringes upon human dignity, offends public morality, or fails to report on events of public interest. The law also established a new body to manage the public service media under a new centralized production system. The law has been amended several times, including amendments passed in March 2011 after negotiations with the European Commission, and amendments passed after the Constitutional Court declared significant parts of the Act, including those establishing a Commissioner for Media and Telecommunications and some regarding data disclosure and provision, unconstitutional.
Publication/ adoption date: 2010-12-31
Language: English