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Title: Legal analysis of the proposed amendments to the 2010 Hungarian media laws
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Publisher: Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)
Files: CDT Analysis Amendments to Hungarian Media Laws.pdf
Abstract: Having already published a legal analysis of the two new Hungarian media laws, the Media Act and the Press Freedom Act, in February 2011, the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) followed up a month later with this analysis of the amendments to those laws which the Hungarian government was proposing at the request of the European Commission. The analysis by the U.S.-based public policy and internet freedom organization focuses on "the impact that these proposed amendments would have on reconciling the new laws with European law," and concludes that the amendments are "largely cosmetic and insubstantial". The memorandum reviews the amendments, which address country of origin, balanced coverage and causing offence provisions that had been criticized by European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, in some detail, finding them inadequate. The larger problem, however, the analysis argues, is that the amendments fail to address some of the more alarming provisions in the new legislation. They leave untouched the legislation's "overbroad jurisdictional scope" and its "creation of an extensive, complex, and overlapping bureaucratic web of administrative authorities, ultimately answerable to the Prime Minister, with far-reaching powers to control the media."
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-03-02
Language: English
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