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Title: Memorandum to the European Union on Media Freedom in Hungary
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Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Files: Memorandum to the European Union on Media Freedom in Hungary.pdf
Abstract: In this seven-page memorandum from February 2012, Human Rights Watch revisited the issue of media freedom in Hungary, following up on the warnings it had issued about the new media laws the year before. The memorandum highlights four main areas of concern: the lack of independence of the Media Council, the authority regulating media content and granting broadcast licenses, as evidenced by its decision to cancel the license of Klubrádió; self-censorship by independent media outlets, arising from unclear regulations and inconsistent enforcement; reports of declining public and private advertising revenue by independent media; and political interference in the editorial content of public television. The memorandum also reviews the impact of the Constitutional Court Decision in December 2011, which ruled some parts of the media laws unconstitutional and gave the government until May 2012 to amend the laws, and the issue of the legislation's compatibility with EU law. In conclusion, the memorandum recommends the European Commission to reinstate infringement proceedings against Hungary with respect to the operation of the Media Council, and support article 7 proceedings against Hungary in light of deteriorating media freedom in the country.
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-02-16
Language: English
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