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Title: Hungary: Media Law Endangers Press Freedom
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Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Files: Hungary_ Media Law Endangers Press Freedom.pdf
Abstract: Shortly after a major new media law, the Media Act, went into effect in Hungary, Human Rights Watch released this statement criticizing "serious human rights shortcomings" in the country and arguing that "the negative trend" was "epitomized" by the new law. The law "undermines media freedom and is incompatible with Hungary's human rights obligations," the statement says, referencing criticism of the legislation from the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, members of the European Parliament and several EU governments. Specifically, the statement takes aim at the new "media control body" created by the law, "with members appointed by the ruling party in parliament"; the mandatory registration of all media outlets; the new media authority's power to "impose fines of up to €700,000" for such infringements as media content deemed "insulting" to a particular group or "the majority"; and the removal of "legal protection against the disclosure of journalists' sources". The statement also highlights issues concerning Hungary's approach to asylum and migration and the country's "longstanding discrimination and abuse against its Roma minority".
Publication/ adoption date: 2011-01-07
Language: English
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