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Title: Latest developments on media freedom in Hungary
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Publisher: European Commission
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Abstract: On 25 January 2012, Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes wrote this post on her blog about the state of media freedom in Hungary. The main issue she raises is the situation of the critical news station Klubrádio. Kroes recounts how the station's CEO told her they had lost eight local frequencies in 2011, and that a new frequency assigned to Klubrádio the year before for the Budapest region had been retracted by the incoming Media Council. Kroes notes that she has written the Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary to ask for clarifications. Kroes also writes about the independent high-level group on freedom and pluralism of the media she had set up the previous year and how it met for the second time, in order to discuss the situation in Hungary. The group's chair, former Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, afterwards stated that Hungary put itself in a position of potential danger to media freedom and the government would be wise to consider how to get out of it. Kroes recommends the CEU study "Hungarian Media Laws in Europe," and mentions that she will seek increased cooperation with the Council of Europe to protect media freedom in Hungary.
Publication/ adoption date: 2012-01-25
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