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 Project Team

This project draws together a team of media experts, policy researchers, market analysts and journalists to monitor and examine more closely the changes to Hungary’s media ownership landscape and media market since the 2010 laws were introduced. It is led by the Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) at Central European University, in partnership with media-monitoring NGO, Standards Media Montor (Mérték Médiaelemző Műhely – MEM), and investigative reporting and pro-transparency NGO, Átlátszó.

Project Manager: Amy Brouillette, Research Fellow, CMCS

Project Supervisor: Kate Coyer, PhD, Director, CMCS

Project Team: Judit Barta, freelance journalist, Tamás Bodoky, PhD, Editor-in-Chief,; Gábor Csuday, editor, Kreativ; Idikó Kovács, investigative reporter,; Attila Mong, Journalist-editor,; Gábor Polyák, PhD, director, Mérték Media Monitor; Tom Popper, editor; Eszter Sandor, MA student, Corvinus University, Hungary/ Universitat Autónoma de BCN Barcelona; Mária Sánta, freelance journalist; Ágnes Urbán, PhD, Economist, Mérték Media Monitor; Joost van Beek, Research Fellow, CMCS; Rian Wanstreet, Research Fellow and Coordinator, CMCS

Advisors/Expert Consultants:  Joan Barata, PhD, Professor of Communication Law and Vice Dean for International Relations and Quality at Blanquerna Communication School, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona; Gábor Benke, media lawyer, SJD candidate, CEU; Péter Molnár, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, CMCS

Project Coordinator: Éva BognárCoordinator and Researcher, CMCS