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Media Council issues HUF 25.5 million in fines to TV2

The Media Council has fined national commercial TV station TV2 a total of HUF 23 million (EUR 78,800) for three content-related violations and an additional HUF 2.5 million fine for a violation related to advertising. TV2 was fined HUF 12.5 million (EUR 42,000) for its program, “Mokka,” which asked the audience to vote on the […]

Media Council investigates public TV station on charge of violating content regulations for minors

The Media Council has launched a public proceeding against public TV station M1 to determine whether it violated rules protecting minors from viewing violent or sexually explicit content, HVG reports. According to the Media Council, the station’s Camelot program contains sexually explicit and violent material that warrants a stricter “over 16 year old” rating, which […]